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Current Estimated Delivery time is 2 weeks for a custom. To get a handplane right away please contact one of our shops or contact us to see what we have in the works.

Step 1. Choose Your Handplane
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Custom 1-2 Color Painted Handplane $155-$185
Choose the shape and size of your dreams.

Read the
Products page for detailed descriptions.

Step 2. Add Some Goodies
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GoPro Mount $10
Add an FCS plug to the nose of your custom handplane for mounting a GoPro Camera.

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Custom Art
Want something special? Order custom art for your handplane here. Contact us to get a bid and put the amount below.


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Cloth Inlay $20
Do you have an old shirt or other cloth items you want inlayed? No Problem!

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Make it a Resin Tint

$10 Per Color
Prefer the old school style of resin tints? No Problem!

Color 1:

Step 3. Art Box
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Ship it in class. Add an Art Box.

$15 Per Box
Love our art and want it on your wall? Love the idea of making your shipping trash into a treasure? Well, add an Art Box to your order and we'll create a work of art specifically for you on your box and ship it to you in that. Every one is made to order and unique to you.

Step 3. Smile