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Hey mom, we were on the 10 news yesterday!

Imagine shooting headfirst on your stomach through the middle of a 12-foot wave. It's a surf sport called handplaning, and it's sweeping San Diego. We first met Ed...

Hey mom, we were on the 10 news yesterday!

Our freind Natasha Zouves came and filmed us making handplanes two years ago and they shared the story again with an update. It was cool to see the old shop.
The back story to this is Natasha herself. Natasha is sort of a badass in the news world in my opinion. She writes, stars, films and edits her own work. The air footage was shot by a coworker but it was all her putting it together.

The best part was when she came over to film she had just finished her morning news shift and was decked out in a black dress and high heels with no change of clothes. I'm going to venture to say it was the last thing one would want to wear filming shaping but she handled it like a pro.

The next amazing part was the water footage. When she suggested that we get footage of her and I in the water using handplanes I was so stoked because I thought she was a surfer. Then on the day of the shoot it turns out she hadn't been in the ocean since she was a kid. A fact that made me gulp as I watched a solid north swell roll in. It was sort of like that moment in 180 Degrees South when Jeff Johnson lets everyone know he's never climbed on snow before. Just without all the cussing.

Despite my attempts to persuade her she was determined to do this so I took her out and she basically got hammered. I got some fun waves but I watched her try her hardest and get slammed. She earned my respect that day for sure.

The whole adventure was really fun and it was great to see how it turned out. In case you didn't see it there is a link to the article below. Enjoy.

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