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Thanks to Drifting Thru for the amazing write up!!! It gave me a big smile. 

Enjoy /DaFin review by

Checkout the video review by Compare Surfboards done by Chief Executive Frother Benny. He gives a standard diamond and a set of DaFins a go and shares what he thinks. Thanks Benny for the review!!!

Watch or read the review Here!

Conscious Capitalist an interview by Ethan Brooks

Article link

Thanks to Ethan Brooks at and for taking the time to interview us. Ethan himself is on a mission going around the country interviewing business owners who love making a positive impact. He has a passion for sharing positive stories which in itself is a great contribution to the world. Follow Ethan on his journey with new articles of his adventures being released.

Display at the Conran UK Shop

Display at The Conran Shop UK store. Complete with Doug Walker's short film playing! Thanks David Woodman for sending us these! Thank you to the Conran crew for believing in us!

"The Beginning of Something Big" by Doug Walker

Thank you to Doug Walker of The Lost and Found Collection and his amazingly talented friends for putting this together. What an amazing film we can't even believe it. If you are going to the San Diego Surf Film Festival next month you can see it there on the big screen.  Thanks Doug for all the support!!!

StokeFest by Andrew Quinn

Great little video by Andrew Quinn of what you get when you put a bunch of fun loving people in the water with Piapo's, Alaia's, Mats and Handplanes!

Primo Colaboration!

A custom handplane for Primo Paul turned out great. Shaka!

Merry Chrismas!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We are so grateful and honored to do what we do and meet so many amazing people along the way.

A Day With Enjoy Part 1 by Doug Walker

Checkout a video our friend Doug Walker of did of us. Doug was in LA for work so he came down to hang out and film for a couple days. This was snippet of that day. More to come. Thank you Doug for all the fun! We had a great time hanging out with you!

The Dragon

Old Tribal Streetwear shirt from the 90's. @ Patagonia Cardiff

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